It is a good time to replace your water heater

Water heaters are headed up in price about 25% about this coming April. Combine that with the fact that Alagasco is offering substantial rebates ($350.00) expiring March 31, 2015 for simply replacing your gas water heater with a new gas water heater. They require that you use a certified Master Gasfitter.  Call Hank at (205) 664-8754 for details.

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If your pipes freeze

burst pipe copperWhen your pipes freeze and there is no water flow there is little to be done until they thaw. If this has happened and you must leave your home unattended, be sure and shut off the water before you go. If you have burst piping, call your plumber (me I hope!) but if you cannot stop the water flow, you may want to call your local Fire Dept. to help you get it shut-off until your plumber can get there.

Protect your pipes from bursting!

Bitter cold weather is here.  Let exposed plumbing faucets (usually indoor faucets that are located on exterior walls) drip or run. Leave cabinet doors open under sinks & bathroom lavatories if they are on exterior walls. Wrap or cover your outside faucets and exposed piping.  You really should not leave outdoor faucets running as the extreme cold will make an icy mess around it! Hardware stores usually have ready made covers for hose faucets.

By | The Times-Picayune on January 06, 2014 at 9:05 AM.  It is important to note that pipes bursting are not caused by ice swelling in place. Rather, it is the pressure from the unfrozen water between the ice and the closed faucet that is the primary cause of ruptures.  Don’t follow the old adage of a “pencil-thin stream.” Instead, just let the faucet drip, ever so slightly, to reduce pressure in the pipes.  According to the University of Illinois, the “alert” threshold in the south for pipe freezing is 20 degrees Farenheit. At that temperature, even running water can freeze.



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